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P/N: BDM0050BM
Brand: BatteryTEC
Type: Li-ion
Replace: AA-PB5NC6B AA-PB5NC6B/E
Fit Model: Q35 Pro Series
Voltage: 11.1V
Capacity: 5200mAh
Colour: Black 

This Laptop Battery can replace the following part number: 
This Laptop Battery is also compatible with the following models: 
NP-Q35 NP-Q45 NP-Q70 Q70-BV08
Q70-FY01 Q35 Pro T5500 Bitasa Q45 WEV 7100 Q70-A003
Q70-AV06 (Black) Q70-XY03 Q35-T2300 Cotezaa Q45-Aura T7250 Devesh
Q70-AV01 Q70 Aura T7500 Dury Q70-X003 Q35 XIH 2300
Q45-Aura T7100 Damali Q70-AV07 (Black) Q70-A002 Q70-BV07
Q35-T5500 Ruby Q45 Aura T7100 Duke Q70-AV0F Q70-F000
Q70-B006 Q35-T2250 Ceron Q45-Aura T9300 Devit Q70-B008
Q70 Series Q70-BV0L Q35 Pro Series Q45 Series
Q70 Aura T7300 Devon Q70 Aura T7500 Daargon Q70-AV0D Q35-T2300 Caderu
Q45-Aura T7250 Dalia Q70-AV04 Q70-AV05 Q70-BV01
Q35 XIC 5500 Q45 Aura T5450 Danyal Q70-BV02 Q70 XEV 7100
Q70-AV08 Q35 Series Q45-Aura T7100 Derora Q70-AV09
Q70-XY04 Q70-XY06 Q35-T5500 Calvin Q45-Aura T8300 Dardono
Q70-B002 Q70-B004 Q70-XY02 Q35 XIP 2300
Q70-B009 Q70-B00A Q70-XY01 Q70-BV04
Q70-BV06 Q70-X002 Q70-BV09 Q70-BV0A Q70-X000Q70-F001

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